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Aquila Boutique is an online hair accessory boutique located in Quebec, Canada. We believe in showing the real, the raw, and the beautiful, allowing you to soar through life with confidence.

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Here at Aquila Boutique, we pride ourselves on quality. This means that our main priority is to bring our clients luxury products, all while supporting ethical production. We only carry brands whose values coincide with ours.

  • Zenchies

    Their commitment is to make a positive impact on the well-being of the environment and on the lives of each other.

    10% of their net proceeds are donated to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation

  • Lost Pattern

    Mindfully sourced and sustainably handcrafted, Lost Pattern honors traditional craftsmanship and is committed to turning conscious fashion into a lifestyle.

  • Chelsea King

    They believe that fashion should be hands-on. Replacing the impersonal nature of factory production, they infuse care, respect and humanity into every hair accessory they make.


    When you choose KOOSHOO hair accessories you are choosing organic, biodegradable and responsibly created products that are stylish, last longer and don’t damage your hair. It's quality, style and performance without the ethical compromise. That's a choice that feels good.

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