About Us

Aquila Boutique is an online hair accessory boutique located in Quebec, Canada. We believe in showing the real, the raw, and the beautiful, allowing you to soar through life with confidence.


Our Mission

With every hair type in mind, our mission is to unit quality with inclusivity. This mission not only allows us to offer our clients an unforgettable experience, but most importantly, empowers them to soar higher with confidence by recognizing that every hair type is beautiful.

Our promise

Here at Aquila Boutique, we pride ourselves on quality. This means that our main priority is to bring our clients luxury products, all while supporting ethical production. We only carry brands whose values coincide with ours.

Our definition of quality

Quality is a word that carries much meaning for Aquila Boutique. It's a standard to achieve daily, whether it be in our products, our content or our customer experience. We believe that this philosophy will give our clients the satisfaction they deserve when exploring our boutique.

About the founder

Why hair accessories you ask?

They are a key element to elevating a hairstyle by adding a unique and polished touch.

Hi, my name is Julia and I'm the founder of Aquila Boutique. I am a licenced hairdresser whose passion within the hairdressing field is styling. Although I left the fast-paced world of hairdressing, I still adore creating art and beauty with hair. Mostly, I love to make people feel beautiful, understood, confident and true to themselves. My love for hairstyling and luxury products drove me to create an online boutique where not only every item would be created with the utmost quality, but also where individuals would be inspired through pleasing visuals and helpful content. I wanted a space where everyone was represented and shown as beautiful.