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How to care for my Lost Pattern silk?

Silk is an investment which you can wear for a long time. How you care for your silk helps it's longevity. It is a very durable, yet delicate fabric and most of us get scared about the idea of caring for it. Fortunately, it is actually not as difficult as you may have thought. Here are some tips to make this process a breeze!

- We do not recommend machine washing.

- Hand washing your silk is preferable. Add silk detergent or delicate wash detergent into fresh, cold water, and wash your silk in it. Be gentle to your silk, do not rub, squeeze or twist it. Rinse to wash away the detergent. You may add fabric conditioner in the final rinse to hydrate your silk item.

- Do not soak your silk.

-Do not mix it with other items or even silk in different colors. We recommend washing one piece at a time.

- Never use bleach on your silk.

- Tumble drying or spinning the silk item in the dryer will damage the silk, so do not use a dryer.

- To dry your silk, press between a clean towel to remove excess water. Hang dry or lay flat to dry. Avoid direct sunlight exposure.

- If you have to iron your silk, use low heat or steam to keep your pieces wrinkle-free. Flip your silk inside out and only iron the inside of it. Do not iron your silk when it is wet. You can place a cloth in between your silk and the iron for protection.

More about Lost Pattern silk

Lost Pattern’s silk products are made of 100% mulberry silk (one of the highest quality silks in the market). Free from chemicals and biodegradable, Mulberry silk is stronger, smoother, and lighter which makes it the most durable of all silk.

The edges of all Lost Pattern square scarves and shawls are hand rolled and finished with hand stitching, an old tradition with unparalleled craftsmanship in silk making that they proudly preserve. They pledge to be part of conscious and slow fashion.


How to care for my Chelsea King scrunchies?


They use the highest grade proprietary blend natural cotton and natural rubber elastic. Their elastic is chlorine resistant and heat treated making it suitable for greater longevity when/if washed and dried and/or used in pools and hot tubes. While the elastic is designed to have greater longevity in these circumstances, doing so will breakdown any elastic at a faster rate than its natural lifespan.


Their fabrics are sourced from domestic suppliers with a focus on high quality, luxe designs. While some of their materials are well suited for repeat wash and dryer cycles, many are not. Please take care in reviewing the below instructions. It’s important to note that damage to an item resulting from an attempt to clean is the responsibility of the customer.


Play it safe

As a primary cleaning tip, we recommend spot cleaning as needed.

Spot cleaning not cutting it?

If your hair tie or scrunchie is really dirty, they recommend hand washing in cold to lukewarm water and,if needed, a gentle detergent. Rinse thoroughly, squeeze out excess water and lay flat to dry. If you must put it in the washing machine, they recommend putting it in a delicates bag, and washing on a delicate cycle with like colours. Lay flat to dry.

Note: All fabrics react differently to wear and washing. Both may result in some colour fading over time.

Please note

Dyed fabrics have the potential to bleed dyes when wet, especially brighter colours. *Fabric and product dependant, a gentle and cold wash/rinse cycle can help set colours. Lay flat to dry.

Chelsea King scrunchie size guide

What Size Is Right For You?

Suitable for all hair types, their various sizing offers options from the voluminous 'Oversized' to their more descrete 'CK Thin'. All designed to offer superior hold with a one-twist application.

*Measurements provided reference diameter ranges when the product is lying flat and are approximations only. Fabric type, and thickness will affect these approximate dimensions.


  CK Thin (Small)

3" (7.6 cm)

3.5" (8.9 cm)


3.7" (9.4 cm)

4.3" (10.9 cm)


4.5" (11.4 cm)

5" (12.7 cm)


6" (15.2 cm)

7" (17.8 cm)


Their Oversized scrunchies are sold in limited edition runs. They are designed with the same 'hold' specifications as our Classic sizes. More fabric is used, giving them a more voluminous look in the hair. Best suited for buns, messy buns, topknots, and ponytails.


The 'original' size scrunchie. Designed for a classic, timeless look. Ideal for thin to thick hair types. Best suited for buns, messy buns, topknots, ponytails and low ponytails.


Designed for a more discrete look, our Petites offer the same hold as our Classics. Best suited for buns, messy buns, topknots, ponytails and low ponytails.


Finally, a suitable solution to an otherwise damaging elastic, their CK Thins are the answer! When not in your hair, they are perfect in your purse or on your wrist to keep at the ready. Best suited for ponytails and low ponytails.

More about Chelsea King scrunchies

Made of GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and natural rubber, their proprietary, special blend elastics are designed for best hold and comfort - andProtect your hair with perfect hold.™

They believe that fashion should be hands-on. Replacing the impersonal nature of factory production, they infuse care, respect and humanity into every hair accessory they make.

As they continue to learn and grow in this area, their efforts remain aligned with eco-focused manufacturing, ethical production of the highest quality and care for their craftspeople creating them.

Claw Clips

How to care for my Zenchies claw clips?

All Zenchies are recommend to be washed gently by hand.

More about Zenchies claw clips

At Zenchies it is their commitment to make a positive impact on the well-being of the environment and on the lives of each other.

Zenchies sources eco-friendly & organic fabrics as much as possible for a number of reasons:

No pesticides/insecticides involved

Environmentally friendly

Less energy sources used in the production of making the fabric!

Ethical working conditions

For the farmers and those helping in the manufacturing.

Quality and purity

Zenchies selects the most prestige patterns and designs available.

10% of their net proceeds are donated toCancerCare Manitoba Foundation in support of women’s cancer initiatives.